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Searching for God & A Church of Changed Lives

“Finding Weigh Down in 2001 was truly a lifesaver,” says Carol Anger.  “I grew up in Brooklyn, New York being sent off to Sunday School with my siblings by my Norwegian parents.” Carol eventually fell away from church; however, after becoming a wife and then mother she was led to find a church for her growing children. “It seemed like the ‘right’ thing to do.”

Howie & Carol Anger WeddingSo she found a local church for herself and two young children Kristine and Tedd. After going through a very difficult time in her life, God birthed a longing inside her heart to find Him and know Him. She prayed, “God if you’re really there, I’m here.” She felt an immediate change in her heart and decided shortly after to change churches after continuing to seek a church of conviction and real change.

Finding God Through Weigh Down

Fast forward several years and Carol’s son Tedd, who was now married, had been introduced to a weight loss program, by his beautiful wife Candace. “Tedd seemed to really think it was special. It was Weigh Down Ministries. After taking my first class, I realized what I knew about God was severely deficient. In fact, I knew nothing. What I heard convicted and humbled me, and I knew I had found what I had been searching for so many years.

“I had no idea that greed for food was idolatry and that is was keeping me from having a deep relationship with God. I lost 30 pounds with Weigh Down but that was just the beginning of my becoming a new creation.”

What Does Godliness Really Look Like?

In all the years she spent in previous churches, Carol says, “No one knew how to teach or show what Godliness looked like.  There was no wisdom to share.” Even though she had read the scriptures, she says she fell short of His glory.

Carol Anger Before“I was a prideful, arrogant, angry and confrontational individual, I had no idea what it meant to be under authority to my husband or anyone else. I was not gentle, kind, didn’t truly know how to love God. I lacked patience. I was critical and judgmental and more. All of this had to change, but the years of being in churches full of complacency left me feeling like this was fine, it was life.

Starting Over at Age 58

By that time, Tedd and Candace had joined Remnant Fellowship and decided to move to Tennessee from Manhattan soon after 9/11. One year later, Carol and her husband visited Brentwood to celebrate granddaughter Alexa’s 1st birthday. She was blown away by the love from the church members. She decided to join the Remnant soon after on October 12, 2002 when she was 58 years old.

Weigh-Down-Before-After-Carol-AngerIn 2005 Carol and her husband wanted to leave Long Island and decided to move to North Carolina to be near their daughter Kristine and other two grandchildren Hannah and Max. They lived there 6 years. Then in 2011 they decided to move to Brentwood to be near the church. Carol says, “This is where iron sharpens iron and there is accountability. For me to rise above, I knew I needed someone to challenge me.” The resources that changed Carol life were Weigh Down Advanced, The History of the Love of God and The Tablet.

Learning God’s Standard at Remnant Fellowship Church

“I praise God for the truth I learned with Weigh Down, that God did in fact have a standard and I had a responsibility to meet that standard and that I could meet it! I needed to change and I could change. I believe every test is hand-designed by God.

“When I joined, my life began anew because I became a new creation. The 30-pound weight loss was the easy part. But over time, my heart began changing from a heart of stone to one of flesh, beating only for God’s will to be done within me.  My life has completely been reversed to one of utmost joy of having a personal relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ. I have laid down stubbornness, pride and self-focus. Everything that changed in my has been because of God working through his vessel Gwen Shamblin.”

Carol Anger with Tedd & KristineSelf-Denial & Living in God’s Opposite World

As Carol learned to die to her own will, she says she found that “light and life comes from death.” Gwen has always warned parents to realize that whatever you prioritize, good or bad, will be your children’s priorities. Carol has followed the church’s teaching of pointing your children to God through prayer, devos, reading their Zion Youth camp workbooks together, being consistent and living it yourself. “I have learned through putting the Truth taught in the church that even though it’s work to lay down your lives for our children, it’s necessary for the church to remain pure for God – a spotless bride without blemish.” (Ephesians 5:27)

An Entire Family Serving God’s Kingdom!

God has completely blessed Carol and her family immeasurably. Her marriage is one that has been restored and she now has a home filled with peace. She has the joy of having her son Tedd and his beautiful wife Candace and their children, her daughter Kristine and her family and her niece Lorina and her husband Eric and their family all being a part of this beautiful church and place they all call home.

“I thank God above for His servant Gwen Shamblin for her faithfulness in teaching His truth that brings conviction that taught me how to look within my heart, hearing what God wants changed and for faithfully delivering His word that taught me how to change for His Glory.”

Now 73 years old, Carol’s final words of wisdom to us all, “Refinement never ends.”



  1. Roberta L McKinley says:

    I love this encouraging and inspirational testimony. I to am starting my journey toward the Father late in life, but change is taking place regardless of what the world says about being older and set in your ways. Such a beautiful God-fearing family!

  2. Heidi says:

    Beautiful testimony , Tante Carol – Much love and praise to Abba God for his unfailing mercy and love shown in and through your life. Love you. ❤️

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