Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Sarah Purdy

Weigh-Down-Before-After-Sarah-Purdy 2

Weigh-Down-Before-After-Sarah-Purdy 2

Growing Up Without Real Purpose or Friendships

Sarah Purdy Gwen Shamblin

Much of Sarah Purdy’s young life was filled with depression and lack of purpose.  She felt very alone growing up in Elk Mound, Wisconsin and was unable to keep any friendships. Her relationships with her family were also strained. Sarah grew up the oldest of five with two younger brothers and two younger sisters, but she says “I never had a relationship with my sisters before this message taught by Gwen Shamblin.”

Sarah took this photo with Gwen when she was just 15 years old while attending Passover. Her mom, Amy Wolgemuth, has been involved in the church since 2000 so the family would visit Tennessee during the Remnant festivals. Sarah grew up knowing about the church, but not truly understanding what a born again life should like like.

Focusing on God Helped Sarah Lose 40 Pounds Through Weigh Down

Sarah Purdy Anna Rachel

Sarah, pictured far right, with her sisters Anna and Rachel

Sarah went on to Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This was during a time when she was living on her own. As a young woman, she came to such a dark point in her life that all she could do was cry out to God. “I was overweight, depressed and felt very disconnected from God. My mother had done Weigh Down when I was younger, and I decided to try out the principles. My mom reconnected me at age 21 with the classes offered by Weigh Down Ministries.

“I decided to put everything I had into focusing on God, reading His Word and eating within hunger and fullness.  I learned to look to God instead of turning to food for comfort.  I found so much joy from turning to God for the emptiness in my heart instead of the food. As a result, I was able to lose 40 pounds!

Sarah explains, “The concept of Weigh Down is absolutely amazing.  Being obedient to hunger and fullness has to be done every single day. It is THE perfect way to stay connected to our Amazing Creator! I have so much further to go and so much to overcome. But I am beyond thankful for all the teachings and resources we have at our fingertips through this beautiful ministry.”

A Mother’s Joy in Seeing Her Daughter Put God First

Sarah’s mom Amy Wolgemuth says, “Once Sarah applied what she was learning at Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship, she began putting God first in every thought and action. She learned to serve Him and others and was no longer focusing horizontally on other people for approval. I witnessed her become a new creation! She was filled with God’s loving spirit: no longer down or anxious but appreciative for any and everything. She became more joyful by the day. She was filled with peace no matter her circumstances. I saw her experience daily answered prayers which convicted me and others in her life. I am beyond blessed to be her mom. I praise God for her example!

Finding the Man of Her Dreams

Daniel & Sarah Purdy wedding

Dan and Sarah Purdy

After college, Sarah moved to Illinois to work and live with her grandmother. It was there that she met the Purdy family, and she started webcasting the Remnant Fellowship services with her future husband, Dan Purdy and his  family. She and Dan began dating in December 2016 and were engaged this April. In August of this year, she and Dan had a beautiful wedding at Remnant Fellowship. She says, “In the amazing way God gives back when you put Him first, I met the man of my dreams in Daniel.

See Dan & Sarah’s Remnant Wedding here. Soon after their beautiful summer wedding, her mom Amy and sisters Anna and Rachel made the decision to move from Wisconsin to Brentwood to be near the church. Sarah had not lived close to them in eight years. She says, “I have been blessed beyond measure with my family here and an even bigger extended family close including Dan’s brother and sister-in-law Tim & Rachael Purdy.”

Daniel & Sarah Purdy

The “You Can Change Your Life” Series!

Weigh-Down-Before-After-Sarah-Purdy 2The key class that had the largest impact on Sarah’s life was the “Change Series” by Gwen Shamblin along with the Original Exodus Out of Egypt” audios and the “The History of the One True God”.

Through taking the Change series, I was able to overcome greed, depression, self-focus, self-pity, jealousy, envy, over-drinking, and gained a TRUE PURPOSE for living!  I have had the weight off for over four years now.  I have so much JOY and ENERGY! I am truly at peace with God.

“I praise God for Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship church’s teachings.  My life is completely different and I truly understand what it means to be a new creation.”

You can change your life too! Start losing weight and laying down other strongholds to find a true relationship with God. Join Weigh Down All Access for resources 24/7/365 to help you for just $24.99/month!

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