Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Sally Neely

Sally Neely Before & After Weigh Down

Sally Neely lost 140 pounds by learning how to follow God's lead of eating! Be sure to read her full testimony on Remnant Fellowship News.

Sally Neely Before & After Weigh Down

How to Lose Over 100 Pounds Without Surgery

Sally Neely’s life has been completely changed as a result of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church.  She was born in New York and has lived throughout New England. Sally was raised in a church-going family where that didn’t really mean much except it was an activity they did nearly every week.

She says, “Going to church had no true impact on how we lived our lives even though we attended regularly. Even from my teen years, outwardly I appeared as a ‘good kid’ but I was full of selfishness and envy—never satisfied with anything. Through the teachings of Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship I can say that I am no longer that kind of person.”

Sally Neely Weigh DownBecoming a Whole New Person by Losing Half Her Size

Sally has lost practically a whole person – around 140 pounds! But she says, “The weight loss is merely icing on the cake. I never realized how manipulative, discontent and empty my life had been; I just could not see it until I changed my focus from myself to that of our Great and Most Merciful God! In seeking to please Him, He has given me a new heart and a new life.”

Later Sally moved to Georgia and had tried every diet out there usually starting a new one every Monday morning. “I usually didn’t even make it through the day, certainly not the week, on the ‘Diet of the Week’.  It seemed impossible and I felt hopeless. In 1999 she saw a flyer posted at the church she was attending promoting Gwen Shamblin’s Exodus Out of Egypt class. Through that class she learned about Weigh Down. But after a few classes she fell away for several years.

Sally Neely Family Weigh Down

Weigh Down Teaches How to Lose Weight God’s Ways

Then after she was pregnant with her son Kevin and her weight topped out at 300 pounds, she started doing Weigh Down again and lost about 50 pounds on her own. “Weigh Down gave me the tools to fall out of love with food and in love with GOD.   I believe now that my excess weight was God’s way of calling my name, He was asking me to choose Him and His abundant love over the empty, worthless god of food.”

During her second pregnancy, Sally continued to follow the principles of Weigh Down eating only when she was hungry and stopping when she was full.  She lost 18 pounds during her pregnancy and continued to lose weight while she was nursing.  When her daughter Katherine was five months old she began participating in the ten-week Last Exodus class and through it lost 45 more pounds!  She explains, “Staying within God’s boundaries works even though the medical community might lead you otherwise! I lost around 140 pounds total and have kept it off since 2005.” She is part of a special group of people (pictured below) who have lost over 100 pounds with Weigh Down and kept it off for years!

Sally Neely 100 lb Weight Loss

Before Weigh Down in Sally’s Own Words:

  • Sally Neely Before & AfterBefore I was a lazy parent, now I gently teach my children how to please God.
  • Before I was fat and miserable, now I am fit and active and feel great.
  • Before I was so selfish and only interested in me and what I had or could get.  Now my heart is filled with joy to serve others first, to meet others needs first and to truly live as Christ taught us to love others more than self.
  • Before I was a manipulative wife, now I love to serve my husband and my family.
  • Before I was lonely even when not alone, now the love and peace that can only come from our Heavenly Father fills me with great joy. I really am happy!
  • Before I had every kind of greed, now I am content in all circumstances.
  • Before I bought into every false teaching out there – dieting, New Age, and attended at least 6 different church denominations.  Now I turn only to the Bible and seek guidance from those who will keep my focus on God for direction on how to live my life.
  • Before I looked for all the wrong things to fill me up – food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, money, things…  Now I only look to God.

Living THE Best Life on Earth!

Sally Neely Family Remnant Fellowship

In 2007 she and her husband Bob and children Kevin and Katherine moved to Brentwood to be near the Remnant Fellowship Church, founded by Gwen Shamblin in 1999. She says, “Remnant Fellowship is a church that when you look around the congregation you see nothing but changed, joyful lives. We are constantly encouraged by each other. We are taught how to be loving servants of God and are given the tools to really live it out. We are surrounded by examples of people who do not just say the right thing but actually do it. It never occurred to me that a place might exist where there is no arguing, jealousy, manipulation and mind games, but I thank God every day that He led me to it.

A couple years later her brother Joe Walston moved to Brentwood and began following the principles of Weigh Down. The key to Sally’s permanent weight loss has been always staying in a Weigh Down class. “I have done every class multiple times and no matter how many times I repeat it, I always learn something new!  It helps me keep my focus in a busy, distracting world. Two of my favorite classes are The Breakthrough Series and The Revolution Class.  All Access is the greatest tool of all.  I can watch videos, listen to convicting teachings, or wonderful music – anytime, anywhere. I Love it!  What an amazing resource!”

Sally’s final word of encouragement, “If you are reading this, please give it a try. This is THE WAY to permanent weight loss and a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with GOD!” Watch Sally with Jill Snap and Vickie Veeder on the You Can Overcome Show episode, “How to Lose 100 Pounds” with Gwen Shamblin and Candace Anger:



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