Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Leda Kubiak

Weigh Down Before & After Leda Kubiak

Weigh Down Before & After Leda Kubiak

Leda Kubiak in her own words…

Growing Up Going to Church But Never Taught How to Be Like Christ


My name is Leda Kubiak and I praise God for the transformation He has done in my life and in my heart through the faith-based Biblical principles I’ve learned through Weigh Down Ministries. Every aspect of my life has changed through finding a deep relationship with God.  All Praise and Glory goes to God Almighty for the blessings in my life that came from changing my heart and focus from a love and greed for myself and things of this world to a beautiful loving relationship with God.

My sisters and I grew up in Seattle, WA and I was raised and taught about God and the Bible from a young age. I went to church at least twice a week, attended a private Christian school and was very involved in church missions, ministries and Bible studies. I was always seeking God and desired to have a relationship with Him.  But, I was never taught or had been able to keep my focus on God in everyday life.  I would read the Bible and be convicted that my actions showed I was not following in the footsteps of Christ, but I never knew how to change.

Self-Focus, Worry & Weight Gain, But How Do You Give God Control?

Cherri MacPherson

Leda’s parents, Greg and Cheri MacPherson. Cheri found Weigh Down in the 1990’s.

The older I got, the emptier I felt and started constantly worrying about myself. My life was completely focused on myself and what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it. I would say I loved God and that He ruled my life.  However, my mind was consumed with myself, my wants, my looks, food/diets and my unmet desires. I was full of pain, but tried to hide it. This pain led to increased worry about my body, food, dieting and exercise to lose weight. I tried to control my life and everything around me. I knew I should give God control of my life, but I didn’t know how. Things got worse in college and I gained more weight. I had spiritual pride in my heart because I knew what the Bible said, but I was not experiencing the fruit of freedom in Christ, but claimed that I did.

We watched our mother Cheri MacPherson do Weigh Down when I was in high school and she completely transformed into a different person from the inside out. She had always struggled with weight and dieting for as long as I could remember, and Weigh Down was the only thing that set her truly free. I remember watching her every day not be able to put the Bible down and was truly happy. She lost over 60 lbs, but more importantly was full of love and a passion for God.

Bethany Hagans Leda Kubiak Denise Thissen

Leda’s sisters, Bethany and Denise, also lost weight through Weigh Down.

Gwen Shamblin Taught Me How to Truly Fall in Love With God

Weigh Down Before & After Leda KubiakThe first time I heard Gwen Shamblin speak about her love for God through a Weigh Down class, I knew she was genuine. I knew that I did not have the same love and passion in my heart for God that Gwen had, and I wanted it!  By putting the principles into practice, I learned how to look inward at my actions and transfer my self-focus, worry, pain and greed for food to a deep love and passion for God and doing His will day in and day out. I was set FREE from the daily pain and worry that enslaved me my entire life and learned that it was my own sin causing my pain. I laid down pride, and learned to have a childlike heart of love and faith, waiting on God for His will in every area of my life.

I am a completely different person both outwardly, but more importantly in my heart. I lost 35 lbs and was delivered from pride, worry, anxiety, excessive exercise, dieting, control and overeating. God is now the first thing I think about every single day when I wake up and I fall asleep at night praying and praising Him. My heart is full of love, joy and peace that can only be from God.

Blessing for Obedience Abound Including a Godly Husband

Todd & Leda Kubiak Wedding

The blessing for obeying God and laying down sin are way beyond anything I could imagine.  I truly do not deserve anything, and I am forever grateful to God for the Truth I learned through Weigh Down. I joined Remnant Fellowship in 2003 and am surrounded by a group of believers with the same love and passion for God, who keep me accountable to living out His Word. I was blessed to get married to my amazing husband, Todd Kubiak in 2009 in a beautiful Remnant Wedding.

We are humbled to serve as leaders in the church. Todd serves on the moving committee, and I am blessed to service on the medical team. My parents serve on the prison ministry team.

Todd & Leda Kubiak

Leda and Todd Kubiak with their children Judah, Eloise and Silas.

3 Pregnancies & Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight Without Dieting!

Through Weigh Down I have kept my weight off since 2003 and have now gone through 3 pregnancies! With each baby, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight without relying on exercise or any form of dieting. Weigh Down works! I have the joy of being active and having fun playing with my kids, but do not focus on exercise to control my looks or lose weight. Instead I get to spend time passing down my relationship with God to my children, and it is the most beautiful life with total peace in our home! When tests or trials come our way we all come together and bow, pray, and look to God.

Kubiak MacPherson Remnant Family

Leda pictured third from the right, with husband, children and extended family.

Weigh Down is About a Peaceful Relationship With God

I stay connected to God’s Word daily to help me keep my focus and stay in peace.  Some of my favorite resources from Weigh Down are The History of the Love of God book, Weigh Down Advanced, and All Access. As a Nurse Practitioner, I absolutely love The Tablet by Gwen Shamblin where she explains the amazing science and God’s genius design of the body in a simple, yet revolutionary way. She also explains why Weigh Down works and how it can help with so many medical conditions.

God is everything, and I love serving Him by serving others! I Praise Him for the changes in my life, and I am grateful for every day that I get to continue to look inward to see how I can change to be more like Jesus Christ. I have true joy and complete contentment from seeing God in everything and love all His ideas, birds, trees, flowers, and sky.  I can’t believe He has given me LIFE to Praise and Glorify Him!!!

You too CAN overcome self-focus! Watch Todd and myself on the You Can Overcome Show with Gwen Shamblin and Candace Anger:


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