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March 3, 2018


As a Church Body, we will observe PURIM on Saturday, March 3rd.   Join us as we remember how GOD rescued His people from destruction during […]
March 24, 2016

Remnant Observation of PURIM – Purity & Devotion to GOD

This weekend marks the Remnant Fellowship’s observation of “PURIM.” And what better way to celebrate PURITY and DEVOTION to GOD...than to take part in a beautiful Remnant Covenant WEDDING Ceremony!
March 22, 2013

What To Do Tonight – The Passover Meal

Here at Remnant Fellowship, we are approaching the most exciting time of every year, which is our Passover and then the passion of Christ and His resurrection. This is the first of the three pilgrimages or festivals that God commanded to be a lasting ordinance, and this is a celebration of the liberation of man, and it is a celebration of our freedom to worship just God alone. It is a long history, and it spans over 3,300 years, and it is a liberation that started with the Exodus of God’s people and parallels the liberation brought forth from the crucifixion and the resurrection.
February 25, 2013

Remnant Fellowship Passover & Resurrection Celebration 2013 – Part One – An Introduction

We are approaching the time of PASSOVER…and the RESURRECTION CELEBRATION of Jesus Christ.  At the end of next month (March) the Remnant Fellowship will fully participate […]