FOH Gets Started With Outdoor Activities- Beautiful Fall Day In Nashville

Remnant Fellowship Feast of HarvestThe exitement is building!  It’s been a beautiful fall day here in Nashville today and the visitors have been pouring in from out of town.  At least 40 states are represented so far and over 200 vistors registered for the Feast Of Harvest.  We also have members on the church grounds today  that have traveled as far as Colombia (country), Canada, and Argentina- with more countries expected to be represented before Festival is over.


Remnant Fellowship Feast of HarvestCountless testimonies have been pouring in about changed lives and answered prayers, including one member that was outside today- Broadnex Allen.  He’s a former prisoner that got converted from going through several different Weigh Down classes and meeting Joseph Smith, falsely accused member who is currently serving time in Ware State Prison.  “One thing that blows me away,” Broadnex said, “is all the variety of music in this church. I was expecting just one type and you guys got all kinds of music!”  He’s actually a talented percussionist himself and played in the prison band while there.  When asked what specific Weigh Down class meant the most to him he answered, “actually all of them, I took five different ones.  But probably when Joseph was there was what affected me most. Seeing his life.  The thing I love about Remnant is that everyone is so real.  You know they’re not faking it.”

Remnant Fellowship Feast of HarvestLast night there was a beautiful reception honoring evangelism volunteers and welcoming new members to RF.  And today has been full of activities at the church including picnic lunches, hay rides, pony rides (thanks to the Abelts), reuniting with old friends and making new ones!  There’s also a hay maze that Joseph Langsdon and crew set up for the kids!  It’s truly been an encouraging start to the weekend.  Tonight we will assemble at 6pm for a time of praise and worship to our God and sharing testimonies of the many ways He has blessed us- praising the Giver of Things!  Nothing but joy on this Feast of Harvest weekend!

Also, tomorrow morning there will be baptisms at the Ashlawn estate and so far over 30 people have requested to go under the water.  These are people that truly are saying to God, “Not my will but YOURS be done!”  They have determined to follow Christ’s example in everything and that surely will be a fun occasion.  Hopefully, we’ll have more details and a video from that event later.  -MS

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Remnant Fellowship Feast of HarvestRemnant Fellowship Feast of Harvest Weekend


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