Gwen’s Online TV Show Kicked Off Yesterday

Remnant TV Live Streaming ShowIn case you missed it, Gwen Shamblin’s streaming online TV show “You Can Overcome” kicked off yesterday with featured guest Heather Jordan.  The show airs every Thursday at 11 central time. To watch just visit and click the “You Can Overcome” link.

The premier went about 1 hour and centered around tips of ways to overcome weight problems and other addictions.  The comment board on the website (it constantly updates while you watch) was a hit, with viewers typing in their weight loss.  Heather Jordan came out and talked about how she’s lost over 165 lbs. since starting WeighDown.  Online viewers were from all over the map including several countries. Don’t forget to tune in next week at 11 and tell your friends and co-workers who might be interested.  For those that want to watch the show in entirety, all 5 videos are at the bottom of this article – (these by the way are on GwenShamblin’s Youtube channel).

Weigh Down Weight Loss - After PictureRemnant Fellowship TV Live ShowRemnant Fellowship Live Streaming Show


  1. MarcD2000 says:

    Awesome show! Praise God!

  2. emooree says:

    This show was so encouraging!!

  3. Catherine Zanoni says:

    So refreshing to find a message offering hope and the “how to” overcome the pain in this world. It was a very encouraging show I will look forward to each week!

  4. 2lovebyrdz says:

    The Show was AWESOME!!! Praise God and thank you for posting this!!!!!

  5. Was glued to my computer screen! Loved every minute of it! Praising God!!! 🙂

  6. Ruth0202 says:

    Praising God for this amazing testimony of hope! God is the healer and restorer of EVERYTHING!

  7. jmw777 says:

    This is what God does for anyone who is hurting and seeks a realtionship with him. God heals and restores when we seek him. This is just one of many who have been totally healed.

  8. jennyz says:

    This is so amazing. It is so close to my past life. Totally amazing these stories of God saving our lives. If you are suffering, you have hope! God can save your life too!

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