“You Can Overcome” Episode 2 on Thursday

“You Can Overcome” – Episode 2 is this Thursday 11am central. Featured this week is Terry Meadors who’s lost 171 pounds through Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship. Last week’s premiere episode with Heather Jordan was definitely blessed by God with over 550 internet locations tuning in, including viewers from the countries of Austria, Bahamas, Canada, Great Britain, and Latvia.  Once again this week, the setup will be interactive with the viewing audience able to write in in real time and make comments or call in on the show live.  If there’s something you want Gwen to answer live on the air or comment on, send your question to QuestionsForGwen@weighdown.com.

For those that want to tune in go to www.remnantfellowship.tv.  It’s all viewable on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.  Check out the before and afters for Terry below and don’t forget to tell your friends and coworkers to tune in!

Help us by leaving comments at the bottom of this article if the “You Can Overcome” interactive show was helpful or moving to you or if you have any suggestions.




  1. PRAISING GOD for this show! ALREADY making a real impact in my life and in the lives of the viewers!

  2. MistyWolcott says:

    This show show is awesome! Can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s testimony. I pray that anyone needing this can find it, put it into practice and live a life filled with putting God first! I draw so much strength from listening to these testimonies. I have lost 103 lbs since finding WeighDown and turning to God for everything. He is the answer!

  3. Jami says:

    So excited to tune in today to see what God has in store for us!!!!!

  4. TinaClark says:

    So thankful for this tv show!! I have lost 80 pounds through this amazing message!! I praise God as we enter the holiday season there is no fear of gaining more weight!! You can choose to be FREE!!

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