“You Can Overcome” Episode 3 tomorrow at 11CT

If you’ve been keeping up with Gwen Shamblin’s new streaming TV show, you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s episode.  She’ll be talking about how to overcome if you’ve been stuck on a plateau with weight loss.  There will also be tips about holiday eating, what to expect and what to watch out for.  As always the show starts at 11am central time and will be available on Youtube if you miss the broadcast.  Don’t forget to invite a friend or coworker to tune in… it’s a great way to pass the lunch hour.

You can send in your questions for Gwen to answer live on the air- send questions to QuestionsFor Gwen@weighdown.com or just simply get on the comment board during the show and post your question.  Staff will be standing by to answer.

Don’t forget you can also follow what Gwen’s up to and get little encouragement tips by subscribing to her Facebook page as well as getting her Tweets.  They come out pretty regularly and are known to help with passing tests.

Go to www.remnantfellowship.tv  tomorrow to tune in.

If you’re looking for more encouragement 24 hours a day for the holidays, check out WeighDown’s mobile product – Truthstream. It’s filled with sermons from Gwen, music, Weigh Down radio stations and testimonies. You can even download as an app for your phone.  Click here for more details.


-Feel free to leave comments below telling us how this online TV show has changed your life.

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  1. VVeeder says:

    I had reached a plateau at 136# and even went up to approx 142#, but am now down to 118# !! I LOVE this truth that we must obey and God will fill us up!!! I pray every day to OVERCOME and live my life victorious for GOD alone! It is HIS Victory!!!!

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