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The Origin of Good and EvilThis Remnant Fellowship Church has the incredible benefit of having new, fresh lessons shared from Remnant Fellowship and Weigh Down founder Gwen Shamblin on a regular basis.  We are living in a time in history where the TRUE words of GOD are very rare.  And by “TRUE words of GOD” we mean words that cause you to REPENT and CHANGE to be MORE like Jesus Christ every day…NOT words that leave you feeling okay while continuing in sin.  We thank and praise GOD for these revelations from the Heavens, and we are so very grateful that Gwen is diligent and committed to sharing them with us!  SO – speaking of HISTORY, the latest class offering from this Ministry and Church delves into just that – the HISTORY of good versus evil…how satan began as an Angel and then was cast out of Heaven because of his ugly pride…how satan began his attack on man and his mocking of GOD with the very first man and woman ever created…and how the Spiritual Warfare continues on to this very day.  In short, “History of the One True God” is a six-week in-depth study of the great love shown by God for all created beings and the appreciation due Him in return.  This truly is a moving study that will strengthen your relationship with God more than ever before.  Doesn’t that sound incredible?  Doesn’t it sound life-changing?  IT IS!  We have kicked off 2013 with an introduction of this class, and our Weigh Down Ministries Facebook Group is jumping in as well.  It is NOT TOO LATE to JOIN if you haven’t already signed up.  In fact, if you follow this link for History of the One True God you’ll be walked though the sign-up process step-by-step…and you always can call our office toll free at 1-800-844-5208 to speak with one of our Outreach Representatives for more information as well.  For those who already have the book and workbook, here are a few quotes from some very enthusiastic class members…

History of the One True God coordinators - Kent and Regina SmithThis is Kent and Regina Smith, and we, along with a highly skilled team of coordinators, are here to testify that the truth taught in Weigh Down’s History of the ONE TRUE GOD class has changed our lives and we are permanently set free from the pull of the things of the world! We are thrilled that God has shown this class to you and that you are taking part in these next 6 weeks that will lead you into a continually growing, active and refining relationship with God. We are confident you are going to grow exponentially through Jesus Christ and obeying God just like Jesus did. All of the coordinators on this team want to share our personal testimonies of how much God has shown to us and the fruit from obeying God’s lead in the area of eating, our marriages, parenting, spending the list goes on and on.” – Kent and Regina Smith

“I started reading the book as soon as we received it, and God gave me an opportunity to share some of the truth with some teens this morning. I pray that God will use this truth in their hearts to help them learn to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of Satan, and to choose to close their ears to Satan’s lies! I pray the same for all of us in this class. Tune our hearts to ear your voice, O God, over all the other noise, reject Satan’s deception and stay connected with you, our true Source of life and goodness. Amen!” – Amy

“Once one sees through the lies of Satan and this powerful delusion and grasps the depth of the personalized love of God through history, it erases the doubt and you find the faith and missing power to be born again that comes only in True Religion!” – Kelly…quoting Gwen Shamblin from the Study Guide Intro, page 7

“This day has gone so slow as I waited for the chat time to start! This hour has gone SOOO fast! Love this time to connect to everyone! So excited to have ‘movie night’ with the kids snuggled in watching these lessons!!! Praise God they get to grow up in this message of God is EVERYTHING!” – Nichol

“Like Gwen said on you can overcome show tonight ‘you just want to scream it out’!! makes me ponder right now…..who ever new to look in (inward)? I surely didn’t!! So, so grateful for the introspective, life changes details from the workbook! I can’t say “THANK YOU” loud enough!!!! – Vicki

“I am super excited about this class!!! I was so moved by Gwen’s book and gained much understanding about God, mankind, good vs evil and this spiritual battle of the ages. I am so encouraged to keep fighting for God and His Kingdom.” – Gena

“The difference between the LIFE FORCE and the lust force was so clear to me. Life is eternal and spills over. Lust is all you have if you don’t have life/connection, the pleasure from it is only temporary and never truly satisfies. Love this first chapter.” – April

“What I saw through the study this week was the PRIDE VS HUMILITY My conviction is to be sure my whole list in on the Humility side and not one word from the Pride List. Just one word on the Pride leads to more and more and you are no longer CONNECTED to the LIGHT!” – Kimberly

“I love how Gwen always shows us ‘life’ from the perspective of God, no where else on earth have I ever been given His perspective on things and The One True God book makes things so clear when seen from God’s point of view.” – Nan

“I am so excited to begin 2013 with a pure focus on God alone. I have lost 60 pounds since May and am looking forward to MORE change through this class, becoming a better wife, mother, and friend.” – Karen

“I love it when Gwen takes concepts that have been hidden for centuries & uncovers them using the simplest terms . . . i.e. interpreting the bible from God’s perspective vs. from man’s perspective. In an instant, I was able to see that nearly everything I had every learned about God in the past was based on man’s view of things, and not Gods. This fact alone has opened my eyes & made me look heavenward.” – Melanie

Weigh Down Ministries and FacebookAs you can see for yourself, these quotes and comments are genuine…from the heart…REAL!  And this is only a SMALL sampling of words that were shared after just the ORIENTATION video this past Sunday.  Don’t miss this opportunity to start 2013 in the RIGHT way.  Haven’t you started and stopped your relationship with GOD too many times already?  Aren’t you TIRED of that?  It leads NOWHERE.  RESOLVE to make your love for GOD EVERYTHING to you…from this moment forward.  You really can CHOOSE to do this…right this very minute.  Let Gwen Shamblin’s “History of the ONE TRUE GOD” class, along with the encouraging testimonies and sharing from hundreds of participants around the world, set your mind and heart on the RIGHT path TODAY.  Be assured of this: If you put your 100 percent effort and focus into this, you WILL see GOD in a different light.  You WILL see your own life and this world from HIS perspective…and you will finally see how good and wonderful and merciful He has been.  And you will go deeper into your relationship with Him than you have EVER gone before!  What a way to start 2013!


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