Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Larry & Karen Sims

Weigh Down Revolution - Sims Before and After

Weigh Down Before & After Larry & Karen SimsCelebrating 20 Years of Following The Weigh Down Diet!

At Remnant Fellowship Church we have many examples of incredible families who have moved to be near the Saints to start a whole new life serving God. Originally from Marion, Ohio, Larry and Karen Sims sold everything and moved their entire family including their five grown children and their spouses to be near the church after hearing this message of truth.

It was 20 years ago when they were first introduced to Weigh Down. At that time Karen was 25 pounds heavier and Larry 40 pounds.  Karen was 52 when she read the Weigh Down Diet book in 1997, and together she and Larry started taking Weigh Down’s life-changing classes. They learned there were no restrictions on WHAT they ate or drank and began eating and drinking only within God’s boundaries of hunger and fullness.

They each lost all their extra weight to return to their God-given weight within a matter of months!  The weight has never returned and they both feel younger and are happier with each passing year!  All blessings from God!

Sims Family Remnant Fellowship

Larry (73) and Karen (71) are vibrant leaders in the Experienced Group along with tremendous examples of serving the church. Their entire family has been very involved in many of the ministries at the church over the years from the Food Committee, Remnant Weddings, Moving Committee and Exodus Industries. Larry works daily at Weigh Down with whatever is needed, serves as and usher for the church and coach of the Phoenix Flyers Hockey Team along with being a gifted piano player.

Larry & Karen Sims Remnant Fellowship Church

4 Generations of Changed Lives for God

Larry and Karen say, “The even greater blessing has been that each of our five children and their spouses,  17 grandchildren and now 5 great granddaughters are also following God’s Weigh Down teachings without having to go through the pain we had to go through. They too have found the True Joy of a Relationship with God and His True Son, Jesus Christ! We are a very close, joyful and grateful family!”

Hamilton Gormsen Remnant Fellowship Wedding

We affectionately call their family the Sims/Leaman/Hamilton/Sabo clan. It continues to grow every year. They have witnessed four Remnant Weddings of their grandchildren with two more grandson’s getting married this year in the church! We know the beautiful Sims family will have many more weddings and baby showers ahead. Karen and Larry give all the credit to God, “ALL praise to God Almighty, His Son, and His powerful messenger to us in this age, Gwen Shamblin!”

Inexpressible Joy!

Karen added, “Larry and I truly live in AWE of GOD, wanting only to know Him better and to learn daily what He wants us to do and DO it! Now experiencing together this relationship with God, not only with our own children, but with our grandchildren and THEIR babies! We know we are BEYOND BLESSED! For us to have been lead to the One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ, is LIFE EVERLASTING AND TRULY INEXPRESSIBLE JOY!
“On top of all of this, we are surrounded with like-minded people in this Remnant of believers who want the same things. They are also being transformed beyond measure working out God’s Salvation Message of Not our own will but God’s Will be done here in Earth as it is in Heaven!”  Our hearts are FULL OF GRATITUDE for the Messenger given us in this day and age, Gwen has been fearless in Christ.  Jesus Christ’s message of go and sin no more and how we are to walk as He did. We must have the same mind-set of loving and living for God Almighty Alone with ALL of our hearts, soul, minds and strength.”

Remnant Fellowship Church was founded in 1999 by Gwen Shamblin and seven others.  Located in the heart of Brentwood, TN the church now webcasts its services to over 150 locations around the world. For more information on Remnant Fellowship Church and how to join a worship service locally or via webcast, visit

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