Remnant Fellowship Testimony of the Week: Sue Willy

Weigh Down Before & After Sue Willy 2

Weigh Down Before & After Sue Willy 2

255 lbs + Back Pain + Plantar Fasciitis + Carpal Tunnel Syndrome = Depression

Sue Willy Before Weigh Down

Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, Sue Willy was not overweight as a child. But Sue’s weight consciousness and turning to food for comfort began as a teen and further continued as a young adult.

Once Sue and her husband Mark got married, she gained even more weight. Then her children came along and she gained even more weight. Sue was always looking for another diet to try to lose the weight, but was never successful. As a result, she suffered from back pain, plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. “Doctors were also looking at diabetes for me, checking me every year. I loved myself more than my kids and family. I didn’t have any true friends. My weight topped over 255 lbs, and I struggled with depression,” Sue recalls with great pain.

Weigh Down Clicked, Now 115 lbs Down Going on 12 Years! 

Then in 1998, Sue found Weigh Down in the church she was attending at the time. Sue explains, “I took a Weigh Down class and lost 30 lbs. Then I did the Exodus Out of Egypt class and lost over 65 lbs. I didn’t quite get the connection of how to transfer a relationship with food over to a relationship with God…and fell away for a couple years. I lost touch with the classes and went back to my old habits and started to gain back my weight and became even more depressed and eventually had more health problems.”

Weigh Down Before & After Sue WillyIn 2002, Sue came back to Weigh Down after suffering a bad illness for about 8 months. Sue did the Weigh Down Advanced class and her life changed all over again. It was that class that really clicked for her. “I got the connection with God and understood it and put it fully into practice.” Sue lost a total of 115 lbs!

All Illness Gone! Anxiety & Depression Gone! Relationships Healed!

Her carpal tunnel and plantars fasciitis went away along with her lower back pain. Her anxiety and depression were gone also!  But the improvements did stop there…

“Back in 2002, my marriage almost ended. But because of what I was learning through Weigh Down, our relationship was right-sided—my marriage and my relationship with my husband and children are now wonderful. I have a better relationship with my kids, and I truly love them now. It also right-sided our finances as we are now financially stable and our bills are paid every month. Today, I am free from all illnesses and take no medications. The impact of  the teachings changed my relationship with God and ultimately my entire life. I changed because I put the principles into practice in every area my life.”

Joining the Beautiful Remnant Fellowship

Mark & Sue Willy Family

Sue Willy, pictured with her husband Mark, son, Nick and daughter-in-law, McKenzie.

“We joined Remnant Fellowship Church in 2003 and moved to Tennessee to be near the church in 2005. Finding the truth and putting it into practice changed my whole life in every way possible but most importantly our family’s relationship with God and understanding God and how to follow in the footsteps of His son Jesus Christ. The teachings and fellowship have  given me the truth of what a true relationship with God is to be, like a Father to a Son, and a loving Father that is caring for us as we obey him. I had been in churches my whole life, but I had never had a connection with God like this until Weigh Down!”

Sue has kept off her incredible weigh loss for 12 years now! The key to her success has been always staying in a class and being around others who are also putting these principles into practice. The Weigh Down classes help her keep the conviction and the Christ-like examples around her.

Coming into the Light & the Truth

Sue’s favorite resources are The History of the Love of God, God-Fearing Families, The Tablet and the Legend to the Treasure class.

“I owe my healed marriage and restored health to God working through the Biblical principles taught by Gwen Shamblin and through all the resources of  Weigh Down. Thank you Gwen for listening to God and diligently continuing to teach. Thank you also to all of the Remnant Fellowship Leadership! We love you and appreciate your guidance and examples that lead us in the right path!”


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  1. Margie Schwartz says:

    Buffy, thank you for taking the time to publish these testimonies. I was in a slump and needed the encouragement that these stories gave me. I particularly liked the fact that the resources that each person said ‘they helped me’.’ were included and were in bold print. I copied them down and will now listed to them. Thanks again Margie Schwartz

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