August 22, 2017

Join us for the Remnant Fellowship 2017 “Days of Awe”

The evening of August 29th at twilight marks the beginning of Remnant Fellowship's observance of the “Days of Awe," a 40 day period of introspection, penitence and deeper resolve to follow God wholeheartedly in every area of our lives. This beautiful time ends on the Day of Atonement, October 8th
March 8, 2016

Job Accolades & Promotions – Part One

Here are a few of the job accolades that our Remnant members have received recently through practicing putting "GOD FIRST" in EVERY aspect of life.
February 2, 2016

Out-of-Towner’s Facebook Page – There’s a LOT Going On!

As a member of Remnant Fellowship, but living outside of Brentwood,TN, do you ever have thoughts of being left out? Thoughts like...I can't be in "the middle of the pack" because I live states or countries away?" Thoughts that you are all alone? Well have I got news for you!
August 28, 2015

WeighDown’s Facebook Group – Growing in Every Way

Our WeighDown Ministries FACEBOOK Group Page has more than 7,000 members now…and it is STILL growing. When people are being moved to CHANGE both spiritually and physically by this powerful message that GOD has given to Gwen Shamblin, they want to TALK about it.