June 6th: Remnant Fellowship Church Announcements and LIVESTREAM Link

Click HERE to watch the Livestream Shout Outs!!! 

Lily and Lacy Brooks will host our Wednesday Night Shout Outs!


This coming Sabbath, June 9th, is the Double Covenant Wedding of Sarah Gunger & Parker Jost and Rebecca Gunger & Jeremy Kaunisto. Everyone is invited! Please note that this will take the place of our morning Assembly. Prelude music will begin at  5:30pm. To read the beautiful testimonies of the couples go to RemnantFellowshipWeddings.com

Wedding Decorating Opportunities:

Come one and all! In preparation for the wedding this weekend, we will have several decorating opportunities to help prepare for a glorious weekend! Mark your calendar for this Thursday at 6pmFriday at 1pm, and Saturday at 9am

Remnant Fellowship News:

There are several new articles posted on Remnant Fellowship News from several of our contributing writers!  There is a fun article about the upcoming wedding called “Two Sisters Get Their Misters.” Also, be sure to read Michael Ormaza’s testimony, an article anticipating day camp, as well as more information on Desert Oasis 2018! God is doing so many exciting things in this church! Check out the articles on RemnantFellowshipNews.com and be sure to share them on social media!

Camp Kick Off:

Camp Kick Off is only a couple weeks away and we could not be more excited! We will host our kick off Assembly on Friday, June 22nd at 6pm CST. If you have not registered your child for camp already, hurry and register by THIS FRIDAY! You can do so HERE

First Day of Camp:

Remnant Fellowship Day Camp will officially start on Monday, June 25th!

The Junior Counselor tribe assignment list is posted on the wall of the lower hall at church.  If your name is not on the list, please register for Day Camp thru the store.weighdown.com or you can email decamp@remnantfellowship.org. 

Desert Oasis: 

Each day that passes brings us closer to DESERT OASIS!! This is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend and spread the word!  If you know someone that did Weigh Down years ago and has been thinking about returning (to the only program that ever worked for them) this is the perfect opportunity to invite them backThis incredible one-day seminar will take place on July 21st, 2018!  Please register NOW! 

New to Town:

We are so excited to welcome Candace Coker and Sammie Williams from Arizona and Chip Benesch from New York to Nashville! Welcome Home! 

Tonight’s Cafe Menu:

Hot dogs

Banjo’s Chicken tenders served with slaw, chips and a pickle.

FREE Chex Mix for Youth!

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